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Air Tanks

Air Tanks are a non-intrusive method of enhancing the performance of your compressor.

Fitting a Sparmax Air Tank into your system will remove pressure fluctuation / pulsation issues from your air supply. As well as resolving these issues, an air tank will also help in cooling the air output, allowing moisture in the compressed air to be condensed in the tank rather than being passed to the airbrush.

The Sparmax air tanks are simple to fit to any on-demand compressor. Just connect the air hose from your air outlet to the air tank and plug the compressor into the power socket. The on-demand pressure switch on the Sparmax air tank will control the on/off facility of your compressor, charging the tank up to 60psi and when it drops below 40psi.

Please be aware that these air tanks do not come included with airbrush hoses. Please ensure that you have the correct hoses needed to connect to and from the air tank. If you need additions hoses then you can find them in our Airbrush Hose section