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New Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CRplus Airbrush - Now In Stock

Infinity CRplus 0.2mm & 0.4mm

Harder and Steenbeck have released two new versions of there most popular airbrushes. Firstly they have released the Infinity CRplus 2 in 1 with 0.2mm and 0.4mm nozzlesets. The 0.2mm nozzleset is the most popular in the Harder & Steenbeck range and is more versatile than the 0.15mm setup fitted to the standard Infinity CRplus 2 in 1. This new airbrush setup would be ideal for scale model and miniature figure painters, especially for airbrush artist's who use Vallejo Model Air and Game Air colours which will flow better through this slightly larger nozzleset.

This excellent new Infinity CRplus 2 in 1 #2 can be found on our site here....

The new version of the spraygun style Colani airbrush is fitted with a 0.8mm nozzleset instead of the 0.4mm fitted to the standard Colani. This make this airbrush ideal for larger area coverage and the versatility of the Colani can be enhanced by fitting additional nozzlesets from 0.2mm up to 1.2mm as well an optional larger 50ml gravity cup. 

The Colani 0.8mm Airbrush can also be found on our site 


New Vallejo Metal Color Range - Now In Stock

Metal Color

We are stocking Metal Color from Vallejo. This is a new range of 18 metallic paints designed for use with airbrushes and using a completely new formulation to create an amazing metallic look on your models.

View the Metal Color range here.....

Vallejo Model Wash - Now in Stock

Model Wash

Washes are liquid, transparent colours for the creation of weathering effects on armour, vehicles, planes, ships, figures, war game figures and dioramas.

All surfaces exposed to the sun, wind, dust, rain and snow, experience a change in colour, a loss of intensity, a dulling and general fading. For the model painter, these changes in colour are very difficult to reproduce, and to achieve these effects on a model, Vallejo Model Wash is the perfect solution.

Supplied in 35ml flip top bottles.

View the range here...



Vallejo Game Air Fantasy Airbrush Colors - Now in Stock

Game Air Bottles

The Vallejo Game Air range are water-based acrylic paints specifically formulated for application by airbrush, with a fabulous range of colours mirroring the most popular ones from their Game Color range.

Take your Fantasy Figures to the next level by using Game Air.

Click here to see the range of individual colours and additives

Vallejo Premium Airbrush Colors - Now In Stock

Premium Airbrush Colors

VALLEJO PREMIUM is a safe water-based, non toxic and highly versatile airbrush ready paint, suitable for all surfaces, but especially formulated for superior adhesion to metals, fibreglass, polyethylene, clear Lexanª polycarbonate, slot car and RC bodies, and all tuning and automotive applications.

Available in Individual Colours, Opaque, Fluorescent, Metallic & Candy Sets with a full range of Additives