Evolution Silverline

Evolution Silverline – The Universal Genius

The Evolution Silverline range of airbrushes combines all the advantages of the Evolution with a slim silver design and innovative paint volume control.
The paint volume control allows the individual adjustment of the trigger thus enabling you to set a maximum spray pattern.

The Evolution Sliverline series is available in Solo, Two in One, Air Volume Control (fPc) versions as well as side feed combined suction/gravity model.
The Two in One models contain two nozzle sets with different sizes, providing fast and flexible conversion of the unit for all applications.

Needles, Nozzles and Air Caps for the Harder & Steenbeck Silverline Airbrush can be purchased from our site (Silverline Needles, Nozzles & Air Caps)

The full range of Harder & Steenbeck Silverline spares can also be purchased from our site (Silverline Airbrush Spares)

Evolution Silverline


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