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Age of Sigmar: Spearhead – Fire & Jade Gaming Pack [80-56]

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  • The accessories you need to play Spearhead games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
  • Contains a themed gameboard and push-fit terrain for setting the scene.
  • Twist and battle tactic cards help to keep your Spearhead games tactical and different every time.
  • The contents of this set can be found within the Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Skaventide boxed set.


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Available on 20th July 2024
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This pack contains the cards, terrain, and accessories for playing Spearhead games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The gameboard is 30”x22.4” – the specified size for Spearhead games – and features pre-printed objective markers for your armies to fight over. The four pieces of terrain are ideal for adding extra dimensions to your games, creating opportunities for cover and ambush. Also included are themed twist cards that ensure games are close right until the final dice roll, and battle tactics cards, which dictate how to score victory points and offer powerful one-off effects.

Fire and Jade Gaming Pack Contents:

  • 1 x Double-sided gameboard: This gameboard features five objectives printed on each side and is designed for use in your Spearhead games. It depicts the blasted landscape of Aqshy, the Realm of Fire, on one side and the green land of Ghyran, the Realm of Life, on the other.
  • 4 x Plastic push-fit pieces of terrain: This terrain set shows fractured Sigmarite architecture that has been desecrated with the icons and aesthetics of the twisted Skaven. It is also ideal for playing out the Spearhead games featured in the Spearhead: Fire and Jade book.
  • 36 x Spearhead cards: These cards contain twists and battle tactics ready for you to shuffle and draw during your Spearhead games.
  • 1 x 6″ Plastic range ruler and 1 x 3″ plastic range ruler: Featuring sculpted skull and rat icons to designate inches, these range rulers can be used separately, or pushed together to make a single 9″ range ruler for use in your games.

These push-fit terrain pieces can be assembled without glue and are supplied unpainted – we recommend using Citadel Colour paints.

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