Age of Sigmar: Start Collecting! Skinks

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  • Nimble and clever, skinks are the skirmishers of the Seraphon armies
  • Begin a brand new collection or reinforce your already growing army of ancient, scaled Lizardmen warriors with this awesome value Start Collecting Skinks box set from Games Workshop.

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Start Collecting! Skinks makes starting a Skink based army of Seraphon super simple.

Inside, you’ll find a Skink Starpriest to lead your forces, a unit of skirmishing Skinks to scout ahead of them, three swift Terradon Riders (also buildable as Ripperdactyl Riders!) and a Bastiladon – a dinosaur with a laser. Need we say more? If you’re somehow not convinced, it also saves you money compared to getting the kits separately – and contains an exclusive battalion warscroll to boot!

The Start Collecting! Skinks set contains:

  • 1 x Skink Starpriest
  • 12 x Skinks, with various weapon and equipment options including meteoric javelins, star-bucklers, celestite daggers, boltspitters and moonstone clubs
  • 3 x Terradon Riders, with the alternative option to build 3 Ripperdactyl Riders, or a Terradon Chief, or a Ripperdactyl Chief
  • 1 x Bastiladon armed with your choice of an Ark of Sotek or Solar Engine

This kit is supplied in 272 plastic components, and comes with one Large Oval Base, three 50mm Round Bases, two 25mm Round Bases, twelve 25mm Round Slotta Bases, two Ball and Socket Stems, and one Long Flying Stem.

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