Airbrush Action DVD – Armed & Fabulous – Dave Nestler

Armed & Fabulous by Dave Nestler – Airbrush Action DVD

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In this two-hour presentation, Dave Nestler, World renowned pinup artist, reveals and demonstrates in full detail how he renders a pinup. Although Nestler uses paint brushes only, his methods easily cross over for airbrush artists, and his color theory and mixing techniques are universal. You’ll learn how to set up your workstation, how to prepare a cold press surface, how work with and mix acrylics, achieve successful flesh tones, how to transfer your art to the board, wet-on-dry method of painting, how to render hair, leather, wood grain, metal, and other textures, portraiture, how to speed-dry your paint, mastering highlights, the 10% rule, who makes the blackest black, use of synthetic brushes, and much more.


  • How to set up your workstation
  • Use of cold press double-weight illustration board
  • How to prep the surface
  • Variety of paint brushes
  • Use of synthetic brushes
  • How to use a pallet knife
  • Acrylic paints
  • Who makes the blackest black
  • How to achieve skin/flesh tones
  • How to mix paint
  • How to troubleshoot acrylics
  • How to prevent acrylics from drying
  • Control of acrylic paint
  • How to transfer art to the board
  • Wet-on-dry painting
  • How to speed-dry paint
  • How to work with reference photos
  • How to render hair
  • Working with transparent paint including transparent layering
  • Metal effect
  • How to define shapes
  • Cross-hatching technique
  • Mastering highlights
  • Use of titanium white
  • How to judge how light you can go
  • How to load your brush
  • Troubleshooting
  • The 10% rule
  • How to render fabric, leather, wood grain, metal, and other textures
  • How to render lips and eyes

Armed & Fabulous demonstrates paintbrush techniques only. There is no use of the airbrush

Running Time: 118 minutes

Region: 0 (Region Free)

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Airbrush Action

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