Artool Stencil – Steve Vandemon’s Tribal Master Stencil Set

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Artool Stencil – Steve Vandemon’s Tribal Master Stencil Set

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Set of 42 templates. This is the total of positive and negative templates, and includes three different sizes of each of the seven designs. Made from solvent proof polymer.

Steve Vandemon (yes, that IS his real name!), the artist and owner of Absolute Custom Paint in Anaheim, California, has been airbrushing for orver 12 years. Along with his numerous talents as a crack-shot kustom automotive artist, Steve is also an accomplished sculptor, pin-striper, graphic designer and professional hard-rockin’ bass player. He has appeared in countless publications world-wide and appeared on “Pimp My Ride”, “Monstor Garage”, “Rides” and “Chop/Cut Rebuild”. Steve’s work has also been exhibited at the prestigious Laguna Art Museum.

With Vandemon’s new Artool Tribal Master Series, you’ll be able to easily capture the unique styles and intricate contours which he has perfected throughout his career.

Tribalnometry (4 designs) 
Since all of the Tribalnometry shapes are linear, they can either be applied to straight areas or you can curve them around bike tanks, fenders or other irregular-shaped surfaces.

Cirque du Trible (3 designs) 
These shapes work perfectly for a myriad of background images. They are great for shading or for creating extremely intricate symmetrical themes. Hot Tip: Ghosting effects are incredibly kewl when used with pearl finishes.

Also now available is Steve Vandemon’s Tribal Masters II stencil set.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Tribalnometry: large sizes 49cm x 9cm, 49cm x 10cm, 45cm x 6cm, 45cm x 9.5cm, medium sizes 26.5cm x 5.5cm, 26.5cm x 4cm, small sizes 15cm x 3.5cm, 15cm x 2.5cm
  • Cirque du Trible: large 24cm x 24cm, medium 16.5cm x 16.5cm, small 10cm x 10cm
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