Blood Bowl: Vampire Team Card Pack

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  • A full set of reference cards for Vampire teams and Star Players in Blood Bowl.
  • Track details for your Thrall Linemen, Vampire Blitzers, Vampire Runners, Vampire Throwers, and Vargheists with blank cards.
  • Includes Special Play cards exclusive to Vampire teams.


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It’s time to raise the stakes! This deck of 44 cards helps you focus on your game and keep track of your stats and special rules. Vampire teams can include a diverse array of Star Players, so these cards will ensure you have everything you need to hand.

This Blood Bowl Team Deck contains 44 Cards:

  •  5 x Vampire players reference cards for Thrall Lineman, Vampire Blitzer, Vampire Runner, Vampire Thrower. and Vargheist.
  • 3 x Star Player Cards for Count Luthor von Drakenborg, ‘Captain’ Karina von Riesz, and Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud.
  • 8 x Miscellaneous Mayhem Special Play Cards
  • 8 x Heroic Feats Special Play Cards
  • 19 x Blank Positional Cards, to fill in for each player on your team: 12 x Thrall Lineman, 2 x Vampire Blitzer, 2 x Vampire Runner, 2 x Vampire Thrower, and 1 x Vargheist.
  • One all-important card that explains how to use all of the above cards, with a red card on the revers

You’ll need a copy of Blood Bowl – The Official Rules and Spike! Journal: Issue 16 to make full use of these cards, which are sold separately.

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