Deluxe Materials – Brush Magic Cleaner (125ml)


Brush Magic is five times stronger than normal cleaners and can effortlessly remove both solvent and water based paints from paintbrushes and airbrushes.

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Brush Magic is a powerful, non flammable brush cleaner for the rapid cleaning of all types of wet or dried paints from paintbrushes and airbrushes. Paints that have fully cured on paintbrushes can be softened and removed with just 30 minutes of soaking to leave them like new.

Brush Magic works especially well to soak and remove dried paint from blocked airbrush nozzles. Please be aware that Brush Magic is not recommend for use as a spray through Airbrush Cleaner but is used to soak airbrush parts.

  • Used also to clean up and remove epoxy, polyester & polyurethane resins and glues before they are set.
  • Washes away with water
  • Non volatile & low odour
  • Dissolves acrylic, enamel, cellulose paints, epoxy & polyester resins
  • If decanting use from only glass or polythene containers.

Brush Magic has been tested with:

  • All types of modelling enamels, acrylics and lacquers
  • All types of brushes: sable, nylon etc
  • Most types of airbrushes with Teflon/PTFE seals

Click on the image below to download the Deluxe Materials Brush Magic PDF file

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Deluxe Materials

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