Golden High Flow: Marker Set (5 x 30ml + 3 Empty Markers)

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  • Golden High Flow Acrylic Paints are filled with highly pigmented colour that has an ink-like consistency.

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The Golden High Flow Marker Set includes five High Flow colours plus three empty markers. The three markers offer different sizes, from a fine tip to a broad 15 mm nib, each its own mark-making quality, perfect for signatures, fine detail, or filling large areas with precision.

This set contains 5 x 30ml bottles of Golden High Flow Acrylics in the following colours and 3 x Paint Markers:

  • Transparent Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium
  • Transparent Naphthol Red Light
  • Fluorescent Pink
  • Opaque Indigo Anthraquinone
  • Opaque Green Gold
  • Three Refillable Paint Markers in Assorted Sizes
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