Pro-Color Body Art Airbrush Paint – Skin 1oz (32ml)

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Pro-Color Body Paint – Skin 1oz (32ml)

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Pro-Color Body Paints have been specially developed for use with airbrushes. These paints can be sprayed undiluted with airbrushes with nozzle sizes as small as 0.2mm, thanks to the fine liquid consistency.

Pro-Color Body Paints are distinguished by high luminosity, flexible application and a high degree of skin compatibility. The special composition of the paint ensures that the skin does not feel taut or tense. Natural breathing of the skin is assured and the paint can be easily rinsed off with water, making it ideal for decorative coloured body painting and creative make-up applications for children.

Please be aware that Pro-Color Body Paints are not suitable for Airbrush Temporary Tattoo applications

Pro-Color Body Paints are supplied in 30ml (1oz) bottles.

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