TC-90T Twin Piston Compressor & Ultra Two in One Airbrush Kit

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Royal Max TC-90T Compressor & Harder & Steenbeck Ultra Two in One Starter Kit is suitable for Modelling and many other fine detail to medium coverage applications

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This completed kit comes with an Royal Max TC-90T Piston on-demand compressor, 1.8 metre braided air hose and a Ultra Two in One Gravity Feed Airbrush from Harder & Steenbeck

An excellent starter kit for modelling or any of the following applications: Hobby and Craft, illustration, Modelling and many other fine detail to medium coverage application

Royal Max TC-90T Twin Piston Compressor with 3 Litre Air Receiver

The TC-90T has a 3.0 litre receiver tank that has its pressure maintained automatically by the compressor. With a dual position switch, it is possible to select 2 modes of operation: In position 1,once it has reached an output pressure of 57 PSI it shuts off automatically and restarts when required. In position 2, the compressor will run continuously and reach a maximum pressure of 87 PSI.

Compact, portable and quiet (59db) it provides an oil free air supply.

Quiet (59db) – can be used unobtrusively in the home
Maintenance free oil-less twin cylinder piston design with lightweight aluminium construction
3.0 litre Receiver tank – ensures pulse free pressure output
Constant pressure and Zero pulsation
Auto stop and start: Stops at 57 PSI, Starts at 35 PSI
Pressure gauge and Professional Regulator – fully adjustable down to 0 psi
Water trap and air filter
Rubber feet
Ideal for all airbrushes


  • Motor – 240V 60Hz 1Ph
  • Power rating – 150W
  • Air tank: 3.0L
  • Maximum pressure – 87 psi
  • 1/8 BSP male outlet
  • Air displacement – 30 litres/min
  • Weight – 7.2kg

European customers can connect to EU mains by purchasing the following UK to EURO plug adaptor

Harder & Steenbeck Ultra Two in One Gravity Feed Airbrush (0.2mm & 0.4mm) [V2.0]

The Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2 in 1 airbrush is their entry level versatile airbrush & is ideally suited to the beginner. It is supplied with 0.2 & 0.4mm needle and nozzle setups , along with 2 & 5ml push in paint cups, allowing detail and coverage work to be carried out with one airbrush.

The Ultra is a double action, internal mix, gravity fed airbrush, featuring Harder & Steenbeck’s self centering “drop in” nozzles which can be removed without tools for simple cleaning & maintenance.

The Ultra has stainless steel needles, a solvent resistant PTFE nozzle and needle seals & is supplied in a protective slide lock presentation case.

Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes come supplied with a quick release tail fitted allowing it to be used with quick release systems, alternatively this fitting can be removed allowing it to be connected to a standard 1/8 BSP hose (9mm diameter).


  • Dual-action
  • Gravity feed
  • Fluid nozzle (0.2 mm fitted – 0.4mm nozzle set supplied)
  • Working pressure – 20-40 psi
  • Capacity of Cup – 2ml and 5ml

This Airbrush Kit Includes

  • TC-90T – Twin piston on-demand compressor (3 litre air tank)
  • AB-24 – 1.8m braided air hose
  • HS-125533 – Harder & Steenbeck Ultra Two in One Airbrush (0.2mm & 0.4mm Nozzle) [V2.0]
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Additional information

Weight 9.6 kg
Dimensions 51 × 38 × 26 cm

Harder & Steenbeck, Royal Max

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1 review for TC-90T Twin Piston Compressor & Ultra Two in One Airbrush Kit

  1. ian.a.collett (verified owner)

    Blimey, that was quick!
    Ordered on Wednesday night and the box arrived by 9am Friday morning. Everything appears to be in order and the compressor is quieter than expected, maybe not two o’clock in the morning “quiet”, but I’m not going to be disturbing anyone using it during the evening so hopefully domestic harmony can be retained.
    Yet to use it for painting, as a newbie I’ve got a big roll of lining paper to play with first, but the Harder & Steenbeck Ultra feels nice in the hand and the tank has been giving me 30 seconds of air at 20 psi before recharging (quietly).
    My only small quibble is the gauge is a bit small – by that I mean 40psi is only about 1/4 of the way around the dial, while the gauge goes to 150 psi the compressor is only rated to 6bar/87psi, so the relevant markings are all squished up down the shallow-end.
    On the plus side – with the hose disconnected the compressor fits (carefully) back into its box. So a couple more domestic harmony points there.

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