Buyer’s Guide To Airbrush Compressors

Choosing the right Compressor for your Airbrush

Airbrushes are artist spraying devices and requires pressurised air to work. Your choice of air source is extremely important – an inadequate supply of air and you will not get the performance from your airbrush. The main type of air source is a compressor.

Types of Compressor

Diaphragm Compressors

More suited to continuous bleed air tools, the simplicity of the diaphragm compressor make them generally less expensive. Diaphragm compressors have a flexible membrane which oscillates to compress air. Their pressure output is typically a maximum of 40 PSI. The models we sell run continuously during use as there is no air tank to store a reserve of compressed air.

Piston Compressors

Of all the types of compressors available the piston models are the most widely used in the airbrushing market. Piston machines are quiet running and therefore exceptionally well suited to applications where noise levels would be an issue. These compressors come with either single or twin pistons. Twin piston models have to two pistons so they compress a larger volume than that of a single piston model. Piston driven compressors are pulsation free which will result in providing a more steady and continuous air flow to the airbrush.

All piston models we sell supply air “on-demand”. This auto-stop function switches the motor off when a maximum pressure in reached, and back on again when the pressure drops to a minimum pressure. These machines can be left on and will begin to run again only when required. This means less wear and less noise. They are good solution for longer periods of use or a busy professional environment.

Piston compressors often come with air receivers which means compressed air is stored in a tank for later use. This guarantees a smooth, consistent source of air that can be regulated to the needs of the user. Compressors with air receiver tanks are suitable for users that will be airbrushing for extended periods of time.

Budget vs Branded

Unlike airbrushes the quality of the air supply is less critical. Our Finespray AS-Series compressors offer great value for money and are an excellent choice.

Our Sparmax compressor range offers superb quality, reliability and performance. Sparmax compressors will generally be quieter, work more efficiently and are more durable. In our range, they are the best option for the discerning user.

Compressor Comparison/Specification Chart

Our compressor comparison chart is a quick and easy way to view the specifications of all our compressors side-by-side.

Click on this Link to download our Compressor Comparison Chart