Age of Sigmar: Soulblight Gravelords – Belladamma Volga First of the Vyrkos [91-55]

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  • Belladamma Volga, the first of the Vyrkos is a Soulblight Vampire who is the matriarch and the legendary founder of the Vyrkos Dynasty.
  • She is armed with a Timeworn Scimitar and is a skilled swordswoman, but her true talent is sorcery.
  • With an intuitive command over their savage curse greater than any Vyrkos she can induce horrifying transfigurations upon enemies with a single gesture, contorting their bodies into Dire Wolves.

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This ancient Soulblight vampire is as deadly as they come. Her scimitar and lupine companions reap a fearsome tally, but Belladamma is also a skilled practitioner of magic and a master of the Lycancurse, transforming her prey into Dire Wolves under her command.

This 27-part plastic kit makes one Belladamma Volga model (including her mount and accompanying wolf) and comes supplied with one Citadel 60mm Round Base.

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