Createx – Wicked Wicked Opaque Set – 12 x 2oz Bottles (60ml)

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  • Graphic colours made with a durable, acrylic – urethane resin, that cover and adhere well to difficult substrates such as plastic.
  • Sprays out-of-the-bottle with a 0.5mm airbrush tip-sizes.
  • Thin with 4011 Reducer for improved flow and use with smaller airbrush tip-sizes.


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Wicked Opaque Airbrush Colors are water-based, acrylic, multi-surface airbrush paints suitable for any airbrush project and spray-gun application. Made with opaque lightfast pigments and a durable resin, suitable for interior application and exterior application with a top coat clear applied over Wicked Colors, such as UVLS Clears.

Wicked Opaque Colors are made for coverage and spray opaque direct from the bottle, with a 0.5mm airbrush tip-size. Made with a high pigment volume and refined clay to allow colours to cover quickly while having a high chroma. Wicked Opaque Colours are made with a single load of pigment for a brighter, cleaner colour.

Contains the Following 2oz Bottles:

  • W030-02 – Wicked Opaque White (60ml)
  • W031-02 – Wicked Jet Black (60ml)
  • W080-02 – Wicked Opaque Hansa Yellow (60ml)
  • W081-02 – Wicked Opaque Bismuth Vanadate Yellow (60ml)
  • W082-02 – Wicked Opaque Pyrrole Orange (60ml)
  • W083-02 – Wicked Opaque Pyrrole Red (60ml)
  • W084-02 – Wicked Opaque Phthalo Green (60ml)
  • W085-02 – Wicked Opaque Limelight Green (60ml)
  • W086-02 – Wicked Opaque Phthalo Blue (60ml)
  • W087-02 – Wicked Opaque Daylight Blue (60ml)
  • W088-02 – Wicked Opaque Dioxazine Purple (60ml)
  • W089-02 – Wicked Opaque Cream (60ml)


Refer to Wicked Colors Tech Data Sheet for more info.

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Createx Colors

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