Golden High Flow: Light Green [Yellow Shade] (30ml)

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  • Golden High Flow Acrylic Paints are filled with highly pigmented colour that has an ink-like consistency.

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Golden High Flow Opaque Acrylics: Light Green (Yellow Shade) 30ml

The High Flow Acrylic colours from Golden are one of world leaders in acrylic colour. This new range means thinner applications of acrylic can be applied, without the loss of pigment loading and colour strength, found when thinning heavier bodied acrylic with water.

High Flow Acrylics are fully intermixable with all other forms of acrylic colour and are particularly useful for when mixing colour with acrylic gels and mediums as the consistency to them won’t alter that of mediums. They can go from brush to pen to airbrush and much more.

The high-intensity, flowing colours have an-ink like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques, which will appeal to an equally wide range of artists.

Unlike conventional dye-based ink however, they are made from opaque and transparent pigments of the highest quality. This means they are both permanent and, except for the 5 fluorescents, all have maximum lightfastness

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