Vallejo Model Air Paint Set – IJA Colors – Early/Late (1939-1945)

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Vallejo Model Air Paint Set – IJA Colors Early & Late (1939-1945) – 71.160

For airbrushing models of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA)

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This Vallejo Model Air Paint set is for painting camouflages of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Japanese armour was heavily camouflaged even before WWII, and until 1942 was painted in a 5-colour disruptive pattern of greens, browns and yellow. After 1942 a more subdued and simplified three tone scheme was used, consisting of two shades of green and a dark brown.

This set includes eight 17ml dropper bottles of Vallejo Model Air colours.


  • 70.610 Surface Primer – Parched Grass (Late)
  • 70.611 Surface Primer – Earth Green (Early)
  • 71.136 IJA Earth Brown
  • 71.134 IJA Midouri Green
  • 71.135 IJA Chrome Yellow
  • 71.035 Camouflage Pale Brown
  • 71.093 NATO Green
  • 71.042 Camouflage Black Brown
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