Vallejo Model Air Paint Set – Old and New Wood Effects

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This Model Air set of eight colours designed for airbrushing old and new weather wood was developed Vallejo and Scratchmod – 71.187

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Different types of wood age differently and vary in colour but eventually they all rot away. Most woods like Cedar or Pine will weather and turn a grayish silver colour and you can see this by looking at American shingled houses, wooden picket fences, pallets, planks, boxes and crates.

There is no one technique or specific colour used to paint wood, or rather replicate wood; when it comes to model building it is all up to the modeller as far as colour is concerned.

This Vallejo Model Air Colour Set with step by step instructions is designed to help the modeller in creating new wood and old grey-silver weathered wood effects. The wood colours can be used for things such as boxes and crates as well as tool handles. The old wood colours will help replicate much older and more weathered wood.


  • 71.027 Light Brown
  • 71.032 Golden Brown
  • 71.075 Sand (Ivory)
  • 71.077 Wood
  • 71.131 Concrete
  • 71.141 IDF Sand Grey 73
  • 70.614 Surface Primer – IDF Israeli Sand
  • 74.517 Model Color – Dark Grey Wash
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