Professional Sandblasting Kit – Sparmax 620X Compressor and Badger 260-1 Air Eraser

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The Badger Mini Sandblaster & Sparmax 620X Compressor Kit can create an endless variety of effects in glass etching. It can also be used to prepare wood, plastic, and metal surfaces and curved, hard to reach areas for refinishing. Also excellent for creating realistic weathering effects on models.

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The Badger 260-1 Mini Sandblaster and Sparmax 620X Compressor Kit is ideally suited for a variety of small to medium hobby applications.

Can be used to removes rust or paint from a small area of a car, bike, garden tool, model, on any type of surface. Excellent for etching glass for security or decorative purposes.

The Badger 260-1 sandblaster is combined with the Sparmax 620X compressor so it can deliver the constant pressure of 40-50 psi for the sandblaster to work effectively. The Badger Model 260 will handle 220 grit, or finer abrasive materials and is made of high-Impact delrin and precision metal parts, The tip is hardened steel.

The Badger Mini Sandblaster and Sparmax 620X Compressor kit is an indispensable tool that provides professional results quick and easily. The Sparmax 620X compressor with twin 1/8bsp outlets and two 3 metre braided air hoses.

Complete with:

  • Sparmax 620X Piston Compressor with 2.5 Litre Air Receiver
  • Badger 260-1 Abrasive Sprayer with attached 4oz jar
  • Two 3m Braided Air Hoses (1/8″BSP)
  • Thread fitting adaptor (1/8″BSP) to connect to compressor hose
  • 12oz (340g) of 220 grit Aluminium Oxide Abrasive
  • Face Mask
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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 58 × 48 × 24 cm

Badger, Harder & Steenbeck

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