Sparmax Nozzle Repairing Tool

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Sparmax Nozzle Repairing Tool is ideal for removing broken nozzles from Sparmax Airbrushes

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This tool is designed to remove broken nozzles.

To remove the broken nozzle with the repairing tool, insert the sharp tip of the tool into the broken nozzle and turn counter clockwise.

To protect the sharp tip of the tool, please put the cap on after each use.

To prevent oxidation and rust please wipe the tip with a anticorrosive oil after use.

The tip is extremely sharp. Please use with caution and avoid contact/use by children.

This tool can be used with most airbrushes models that have a screw in nozzle system.

Suitable for the following Sparmax models

  • DH-1/DH-101
  • DH-2/DH-102
  • DH-3/DH-103
  • DH-115
  • DH-125
  • MAX-2
  • MAX-3
  • HB040
  • SP-20X
  • SP-35 series
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