Sparmax Silver Bullet MAC Moisture Trap

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Sparmax SilverBullet MAC (Micro Air Control) Moisture Trap has a 1/8 BSP female outlet (9mm diameter), which fits straight onto all airbrushes with an 1/8 BSP male inlet.

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A favorite and essential accessory for the airbrush, the Silver Bullet MAC Moisture Trap retainers the same small, compact size of its predecessor whilst including a built-in MAC (Micro Air Control) valve. During operation, there will be no sound of air ‘bleeding’, as unused air will be stored in the compressor.

The Sparmax Silver Bullet MAC is designed for use with:

  • Automatic On-Demand Compressors that have a pressure-actived on/off switch
  • Manual Compressors that have a built-in bleed valve adjuster


The Silver Bullet MAC is Sparmax’s latest solution to prevent water from reaching your airbrush. Airbrush compressors when they run hot can condense the air’s natural humidity into water vapour and when the air cools, the vapour will re-form into water causes the airbrush to spit. Sparmax Silver Bullet mini filters remove this water before it reaches your airbrush guaranteeing a dry, clean air supply.

  • Effective: Full-size 5-micron filter. 2X Filtering Effect compared to other airbrush-attached moisture traps
  • Easy to Use: The built-in MAC (Micro Air Control) valve allows tiny adjustments to your air flow. The collected moisture can be easily drained by pressing the spring-loaded drain valve.
  • Ergonomic: Lightweight. Comfortable grip – when attached below the airbrush.

The filter has a 1/8 BSP female outlet, which fits straight onto the airbrushes listed below with a 1/8 BSP male inlet

It will screw directly on to the following airbrushes (Not compatible with Suction Feed models)

  • All Iwata Gravity Feed airbrushes
  • All Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes (After removing the quick release tail)
  • Harder & Steenbeck Colani (With an additional quick release coupling body fitted)
  • DeVilbiss DAGR
  • All our AB Range Gravity Feed airbrushes
  • Badger airbrushes via our AB-M538-BADGER adaptor.
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EAN: 4712946602991
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