Sparmax Spray Booth with Exhaust Fan & Pipe

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Sparmax Spray Booth with Exhaust Fan & Pipe – SB-88

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Sparmax SB-88 is the essential tool for all airbrush users.

The powerful fan system collects overspray, filters out the paint particles and easily vents emissions outside your work area.

The dual-filter system serves as a blockade to effectively stop the paints for collecting inside the pipe.

The polypropylene spray booth is light in weight, about 20% lighter than current marketed models.

The SB-88 is easy to assemble yet sturdy enough with its ABS strip frame and angle protection caps.

The rotating plate design is perfect for airbrush modellers as it allow you to spray on all sides of the artwork without touching the drying surface.

Please be aware that this Spray Booth isn’t suitable for use with flammable paints


  • Direction-adjustable Pipe: 150cm Extended Length
  • Airflow 62-68 CFM. Noise Level: 62 dB
  • Replacement Dual-Filter Design with 1 Extra Filter Set
  • Built in Turntable
  • Size: L 52.3 x W 40.3 x H 31.6cm
  • Net Weight: 5.5kgs

To download the Sparmax SB-88 manual click on the picture below

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Additional information

Weight 8.3 kg
Dimensions 75 × 44 × 20.5 cm


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