Light Speed Stencils – Star Tool

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Star Tool – Set of Two Stencils

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10 years of custom painting and pinstriping experience has inspired Solingen-based airbrush artist Oliver “DiSEGNiO” Paaß to create this pinstriping stencil series: With lightspeed stencils you can create quick and easy sketches and auxiliary line for recurring classic motifs.

With the Star-Tool it is really easy to quickly create a star with correct proportions. Simply choose your favourite size of star, lay down the stencil & do the sketching – then go wild with paint!

This stencil offers stars in ten different shapes and sizes ranging from 2.8 to 19.6 cm. Through the stencil’s clever use of bridges it may also be used to create so-called “nautical” bicolour stars – a popular motif with tattoo and custom painting artists.

They are also great for airbrush use.

  • Two stencil set
  • Sizes: 215 x 215mm & 158.6 x 158.6mm
  • Laser cut from solvent resistant material
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Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 0.5 cm

Harder & Steenbeck

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