Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Stencil Book 10 (100 Designs)

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Book of 100 Self-Adhesive Temporary Tattoo Stencils

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This book of 100 re-usable self adhesive airbrush tattoo stencils are high quality with clean-cut edges. They are flexible, strong and durable. With care they are re-usable many times, and are superb for the airbrush artist considering taking their hobby to the professional level and starting their own profitable business. The vast range of styles in one pack ensures that you always have a stencil to suit your customers taste.

These stencils have a low-tack adhesive backing, allowing you to stick the stencil down onto the skin, spray the design and then peel the stencil off. It is easier than holding down the stencil with your hand while you work and it will give you clean, perfect edges.

Each book comes with A4 design sheets.

Average size of each stencil is 60mm x 40mm

You Will Also Need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pad to clean the area of skin before application
  • Temporary Tattoo Airbrush colours
  • Setting Powder to set the colour after application. If your client applies setting powder regularly the tattoo will last longer

Instructions For Use:

  1. Clean the skin thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry
  2. Carefully remove the stencil from it’s backing/storage sheet and press firmly on the chosen position on the body
  3. Apply Temporary Tattoo colours to the stencil with your airbrush. Be careful not to spray outside the stencil
  4. If required, change colours for different areas and highlights in the tattoo design
  5. Carefully lift the stencil off, being careful not to smudge or smear the still wet paint and replace the stencil on the backing sheet
  6. Dust the airbrushes tattoo design with setting powder
  7. Clean the back of the stencil with rubbing alcohol
  8. Clean your airbrush with isopropyl alcohol
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