Vallejo Auxiliary Set – 73999


Vallejo Auxiliary Set – 73.999

This set contains Varnishes, Washes, Mediums and other Vallejo Auxillary products.

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A set of Vallejo Auxillary products useful for models and miniatures.

The set contains 8 x 17ml eye-dropper bottles:

  • VAL520 Matt Varnish
  • VAL540 Matt Medium
  • VAL596 Glaze Medium
  • VAL73200 Sepia Wash
  • VAL73201 Black Wash
  • VAL73202 Pale Wash
  • VAL73212 Decal Medium
  • VAL73213 Decal Fix

To download the Model Air User Guide, Colour Chart, Vallejo FAQ’s or Vallejo Equivalent Values Chart click on the pictures below

Model Air User Guide   Model Air Colour Chart Vallejo FAQ's  Equivalent Values

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Additional information

Weight 0.285 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 3 cm


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