Vallejo Model Air Paint Set – Luftwaffe Colors 1941 to End-War – 71166

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This set is developed for camouflage patterns of all Lufwaffe models of fighters (single-engine, heavy and night fighters) starting in 1941, as well as the colors employed towards the end of the war (1944-45) on the latest models of interceptors, and on the revolutionary new jets and latest model aircraft – 71.166

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This Vallejo Air War Series Paint set comes with the following eight colours in 17 ml bottles.


  • 71.011 Dark Green (RLM83)
  • 71.022 Light Green (RLM82)
  • 71.055 Black Grey (RLM66)
  • 71.103 Grey Blue (RLM84)
  • 71.257 Light Blue (RLM76)
  • 71.258 Grey Green (RLM74)
  • 71.259 Grey Violet
  • 71.264 Brown Violet
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Dimensions 20 × 8 × 3 cm


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