Vallejo Model Air Paint Set – Luftwaffe Colors 1941 to End-War – 71166


This set is developed for camouflage patterns of all Lufwaffe models of fighters (single-engine, heavy and night fighters) starting in 1941, as well as the colors employed towards the end of the war (1944-45) on the latest models of interceptors, and on the revolutionary new jets and latest model aircraft – 71.166

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This Vallejo Air War Series Paint set comes with the following eight colours in 17ml bottles.


  • 71.011 Dark Green (RLM83)
  • 71.022 Light Green (RLM82)
  • 71.055 Black Grey (RLM66)
  • 71.103 Grey Blue (RLM84)
  • 71.257 Light Blue (RLM76)
  • 71.258 Grey Green (RLM74)
  • 71.259 Grey Violet
  • 71.264 Brown Violet

To download the Model Air User Guide, Colour Chart, Vallejo FAQ’s or Vallejo Equivalent Values Chart click on the pictures below

Model Air User Guide   Model Air Colour Chart Vallejo FAQ's  Equivalent Values

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