Vallejo Model Air Paint Set – Russian Greens 1928’s to Present

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The set includes 8 acrylic colours in 17 ml bottles for airbrushing green patterns on Russian army vehicles – 71.613

Part of the Vallejo AFV Color Series range.

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Set of 8 Model Air colors which include all the shades of green used for base colors and camouflage patterns.

From the beginning in the twenties of the mechanization of the army of the Soviet Union, including tanks and light and heavy vehicles, camouflage patterns (on occasion extremely elaborate) were considered, and shades of green were employed as a standard base color. The evolution of these colors has not caused great changes, but rather more of a constant expansion, beginning with the primitive 3K and 4BO up to the colors used in modern conflicts.

The climate and the geography determined the selection of the colors most used in that period.


  • 71.010 – Model Air Interior Green (17ml)
  • 71.012 – Model Air Dark Green (17ml)
  • 71.013 – Model Air Yellow Olive (17ml)
  • 71.017 – Model Air Russian Green 4BO (17ml)
  • 71.018 – Model Air Camouflage Black Green (17ml)
  • 71.081 – Model Air Ochre (17ml)
  • 71.247 – Model Air Light Olive (17ml)
  • 71.281 – Model Air 3B Russian Green (17ml)
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