Vallejo Model Color Paint Set – German Field Grey

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The set includes 8 Model Color acrylic colours for painting World War II German Uniforms. Includes a step-by-step guide by Jaume Ortiz.

Part of the Vallejo Figure Color Series range.

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Selection of Vallejo Model Colors for painting four variations of German uniforms and the colors needed for highlighting and shading

During World War II the German Army equipped both Army and Waffen-SS troops with field grey coloured uniforms. This tone varied during the War due to the diverse manufacturers of dyes and fabric and also because of differences in their quality. Among the colour variants, three dominant tones are usually identified, field grey “grey”, field grey “green” and field grey “olive”. Included are the basecoat tones for these three types of field grey and three corresponding tones for highlights. Also included is the colour needed for the stone grey tone typical of early war trousers.

The set includes 8 acrylic colours in 17 ml bottles.


  • 70.830 – Vallejo Model Color – German Field Grey WWII (17ml)
  • 70.845 – Vallejo Model Color – Sunny Skin Tone (17ml)
  • 70.868 – Vallejo Model Color – Dark Sea Green (17ml)
  • 70.885 – Vallejo  Model Color – Pastel Green (17ml)
  • 70.892 – Vallejo Model Color – Yellow Olive (17ml)
  • 70.897 – Vallejo  Model  Color – Bronze Green (17ml)
  • 70.905 – Vallejo  Model Color – Blue Grey Pale (17ml)
  • 70.950 – Vallejo  Model Color – Black (17ml)
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