Vallejo Model Color Set – US Alpine Infantry NCO & Figure

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This NCO US Infantry Europe 1944-1945 set includes 8 Model Color acrylic colours and a miniature sculpted by Teasung Harmms – 70.244

Part of the Vallejo Figure Color Series range.

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The first set of the Alpine Miniatures collection, includes a 1/35 figure which depicts a corporal of the 29th Infantry Division, equipped with the most common gear for the late European campaigns of WWII.

The miniature has been sculpted by Teasung Harmms exclusively for Vallejo. 

The 29th Infantry Division took an active part in the D-day landings on Omaha beach in June 1944, as well as in the assault on Brest in September 1944 and the invasion of Germany in 1945. 

The set includes 8 acrylic colours in 17 ml bottles & Alpine Miniature


  • 70.819 – Vallejo Model Color – Iraqi Sand (17ml)
  • 70.822 – Vallejo Model Color – German Camouflage Black Brown (17ml)
  • 70.845 – Vallejo  Model Color – Sunny Skin Tone (17ml)
  • 70.875 – Vallejo  Model Color – Beige Brown (17ml)
  • 70.880 – Vallejo Model Color – Khaki Grey (17ml)
  • 70.889 – Vallejo  Model  Color – Olive Brown (17ml)
  • 70.892 – Vallejo  Model Color – Yellow Olive (17ml)
  • 70.988 – Vallejo  Model Color – Khaki (17ml)


  • Two base colors to paint US jackets, gaiters, webbing and gear in brown olive drab.
  • Base color for “mustard” wool trousers.
  • Olive green color suitable for painting helmets and greener olive drab gear.
  • Two different colors for shading any of the base tones.
  • Two different colors for highlighting any of the base tones. 

By mixing different base colors with various shadow and highlight tones we can obtain a wide range of shades of Olive Drab needed to paint US Army uniforms and field gear present during the last years of WWII. 

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