Warhammer 40K: Genestealer Cults – Aberrants [51-60]

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  • An Aberrant is a Genestealer hybrid who was born mutated for several different reasons from the normal phenotype for their generation of the brood cycle.
  • Though misshapen and possessed of an inferior intellect, Aberrants are physically powerful, have superhuman endurance and are possessed of a potent need to protect the other members of their Genestealer Cult.

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Aberrants form terrifying packs of warriors that excel in delivering huge amounts of damage in close combat. Their heavy melee weapons are used to bludgeon their enemies into submission, and if those don’t do the job, their rending claws add a lethal coup de grace. Combined with their ability to shrug off much of the damage dealt to them, this unit can dominate their enemies with ease.

This plastic box set contains forty-one components, enough to build five Aberrants with a choice of power picks or power hammers. Also included are options to build a Hypermorph armed with a power hammer or heavy improvised weapon, and eleven different heads. This set has been designed to offer a high degree of interchangeability between parts.

Supplied with five 32mm round bases.

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