Warhammer 40K: Orks – Shokkjump Dragsta [50-34]

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  • The most popular type of transport amongst Mekboy Speed Freeks, the Shokkjump Dragsta is a formidably armoured vehicle built tough enough to withstand high amounts of damage.
  • This vehicle also boasts a suicidal capacity for acceleration in a straight line, while its Rokkit launchas gives it ample anti-vehicle capability.

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Armed with deadly sawblades, rokkits and a kustom shokk rifle, the Shokkjump Dragsta is capable of shredding enemies to bits at almost any range, while its ability to teleport around the battlefield at random makes it incredibly difficult to predict – or escape from!

This set includes 62 plastic components with which you can assemble a Shokkjump Dragsta, plus a 150mm Oval Base.

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