Warhammer 40K: T’au Empire – KV128 Stormsurge [56-18]

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  • The KV128 Stormsurge is the first in a new breed of T’au Empire super-heavy war assets known as Ballistic Suits.
  • A towering colossus of destruction, the Stormsurge carries enough firepower to annihilate whole columns of tanks, or fell super-heavy walkers with a single earth-shaking volley.

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This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to build one KV128 Stormsurge, ballistic suit of the T’au Empire. It includes an astonishing 171 components – four head options, two pilot assemblies, a reactor suite, two leg assemblies and two sets of stabilising thrusters! Various vents and assemblies can be modelled optionally closed or open, and the whole miniature has incredible possibilities.

This kit includes one Citadel 170mm Oval base.

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Dimensions 30 × 22 × 5 cm

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