Airbrushing Kit with Evolution 2024 CRplus Two in One Airbrush & Sparmax 620X Compressor

£433.00 inc Vat

  • A Premium Starter Kit containing the New Evolution 2024 CRplus 2 in 1 airbrush from Harder & Steenbeck.
  • Includes an Sparmax TC-620X On-Demand Twin-Piston Compressor with 2.5 Litre Tank.
  • Braided Hose, Quick Release Coupling and Cleaning Pot with Airbrush Holder.


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This contains the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution 2024 CRplus Two in One and the Sparmax 620X twin piston compressor.

Ideal for beginners and suitable for a wide range of fine detail to medium coverage applications including illustration, custom automotive and modelling.

Sparmax TC-620X Twin Piston Compressor 

This Sparmax is the twin piston 1/6HP zero maintenance unit with a working pressure of up to 60 psi.

This model has a 2.5 litre receiver tank that has its pressure maintained automatically by the compressor.

Once it has reached the maximum output pressure of 60 PSI it shuts off automatically. Only when the airbrush is triggered and the tank pressure falls below 40 PSI does it restart.

The TC-620X has a protective metal case with a integral filter regulator and pressure gauge and comes supplied with two three metre 1/8 BSP braided hoses.

The Sparmax 620X Compressor also comes supplied with three adaptors to connect Aztek, Badger and Paasche airbrushes to the 1/8 BSP braided hoses.

  • Motor: 1/6 HP AC
  • Automatic type with Pressure Auto On/Off Switch preset at 40 psi On/60 psi Off
  • Outlet: Twin 1/8 BSP Male (9mm diameter)
  • Airflow: 23~32 lpm
  • Decibel Rating: 57-60 dB
  • Weight: 10.4 KG
  • Air tank: 2.5 Liters, With Gauge
  • Size: L33x W18 x H34.5CM
  • Equipped with Pressure regulator/Moisture trap/Gauge set & case mounted airbrush holders
  • Comes fitted with UK 3 Pin Plug



They have completely redesigned the iconic Evolution to create an airbrush with a performance and specification level never seen before at this price point.

Every part has been redesigned from the ground up, but never losing touch with what makes a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution so loved.

Engineered to help you to paint for longer than ever before, in greater comfort than ever before, faster than ever, more control than ever, with stunning creative possibilities, and a level of user friendliness that’s never been seen in an airbrush of this performance level.


  • New Fine Line Head Design: the new 0.28mm and 0.45mm sizes give better detail than the previous 0.2mm, but with more robustness, less clogging and better sealing. Really, the detail is breathtaking!
  • Trigger Cam Control – the trigger system has been redesigned to create a perfect connection between your finger and the needle motion. The unique Excenter now behaves like a true cam system, as accurate and tuneable as in a performance engine! The Excenter cam shape on the Evolution 2024 gives a more responsive feel during detail work whilst remaining accessible and easy to control for a non-expert.
  • Speed Clean Trigger – the Excenter now gives nearly 20% more travel to the needle, giving a far faster flushing and cleaning process. This airbrush is designed to work hard and work fast.
  • Clog Control System: a new interpretation of the Fine Line head concept for progressing airbrushers – you can see the needle tip, clean the needle tip without needing a brush, but it is always protected. A clean needle tip is the solution to airbrushing with no colour clogging.
  • Colour Control – infinitely adjustable needle stop system to support progression, whilst being very fast to adjust and dial in/ out due to its unique triple start thread system.
  • Flexible Architecture: you can accessorise your Evolution CRplus with micro, 2ml or 5ml cups, and fit any Harder & Steenbeck head size to fit your needs. The Solo variant comes with the 2ml cup, and the Two in One set comes with the 2ml and the 5ml cups.
  • Tool Free – strip your airbrush with no tools! Clean up is faster and easier than ever, and more bullet proof than ever.
  • Full CRplus specification – triple chrome plate and gold finishing for ultimate durability.

The Evolution 2o24 CRplus Two in One Airbrush Includes:

  • 0.28mm Nozzle Set Fitted
  • 0.45mm Nozzle Set Supplied
  • 2ml Gravity Cup Fitted
  • 5ml Gravity Cup Supplied
  • Quick Release Coupling Tail
  • Presentation Case

Kit Contents:

  • Sparmax TC-620X Twin Piston Compressor with Two 3 Metre Hoses
  • Harder & Steenbeck Evolution 2024 CRplus 2 in 1 Airbrush (0.28mm & 0.45mm Nozzle Sets)
  • Quick Release Connections
  • Airbrush Cleaning Pot and Stand


European customers can connect to EU mains by purchasing the following UK to EURO plug adaptor

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 58 × 48 × 24 cm

Harder & Steenbeck, Sparmax

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