Vallejo Eccentric Colors – Silver Pink (17ml)

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AV Vallejo Eccentric Colors – Silver Pink

The Vallejo Eccentric colour range includes a selection of unique colours which behave differently and includes The Shifters, fluorescent and new generation metallic colours, as well as other special effect products obtained with singular pigments, providing the modeller with innovative tools to achieve a maximum level of creativity.

The Shifters is the first selection of ready to use metallic acrylic airbrush colours. The multichromatic pigments used in the formulation of these colours give them a vibrant metallic sparkle, while their glass-like coating acts like a refracting prism.

Each flake presents a variety of colour depending on the angle of view and incident light; the colour shift effect is observable with both high and low-gloss applications and in a wide variety of lighting conditions and is intensified if the colours are applied on a curved surface, while best effects are obtained over a gloss black base colour.

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