Warhammer 40K: Aeldari – Harlequin Troupe [58-10]

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  • In battle, Harlequin Troupes move fast and hit hard, relying on speed and skill to annihilate the enemy before they even have time to raise their guns.
  • Once in combat, the Harlequins are in their element, performing a lethal dance of death while their masks shimmer with their foe’s worst fears.

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This box set contains everything you need to make a six-man Harlequin Troupe armed with sword and shuriken pistol, including the option to include a Troupe Master. There are six sets of legs, all perched on outcrops of rock, with which to form the base of your miniatures. You have the choice of seven different torso fronts and five torso backs, along with three extra backs sporting Harlequin jackets. You also get six swords of two distinct designs, six shuriken pistols, six harlequin’s kisses, two harlequin’s embraces, two harlequin’s caresses, two neuro disruptors and two fusion pistols. There is a power sword as well should you wish to upgrade your Troupe Master.

Alongside all these weapon options there are two complete masked heads as well as a further five heads with space to add one of the thirteen individually designed face masks. Also included are 6 weapons pouches.

There is a huge amount of variety for both posing and choosing weapons options and all the components in this kit are fully interchangeable with the other Harlequin plastic kits.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 80 components with which to make a six-man Harlequin Troupe. Also included are six 25mm round bases and a Harlequins transfer sheet.

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