AB-138 Single Action Suction Feed Airbrush

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  • AB-138 Single Action Suction Feed Airbrush with Hose, Propellant Can Regulator and 1oz Bottles


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With a simple single action trigger, this hobby airbrush is particularly suitable for general purpose hobby/model work.

Applications include, Model Painting, Body Art, Hobby and Craft, Car painting, Textiles and T-shirt painting. The spray pattern is variable between 2-30 mm.

This is a single action airbrush where the trigger simply turns the air on and off. The paint (or whatever liquid you use) is sucked up from the jar by venturi action of the air passing over the outlet of the cup. The amount of paint flow is adjusted by screwing the venturi nozzle into or out of the air flow. This type of airbrush does not work to the very fine limits of the double action type.

To power this airbrush, all that is required is a can of airbrush propellant. If prolonged use is expected we would recommend the use of a compressor.

  • Single action air/fluid control
  • Quick detachable suction bottle
  • Adjustable fluid flow control
  • Working pressure – 15-40 psi
  • Capacity of bottle – 1 oz

Supplied in plastic case complete with:

  • Single action suction feed airbrush
  • 1oz bottle with fluid connection
  • 1oz bottle with blank lid
  • Pipette
  • Aerosol can adaptor
  • Plastic Air hose
  • 1/4 BSP adaptor for connection to compressor
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