TC-80T Airbrushing Kit with Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2024 Airbrush

£202.00 inc Vat

  • A Great Valve Beginners Starter Kit containing the Ultra 2024 airbrush from Harder & Steenbeck.
  • Includes an On-Demand Compressor with 3-Litre Air Receiver
  • 1.8m Hose, Quick Release Coupling and Table Clamping Airbrush Holder


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A general purpose starter kit, great value and great performance . Comes with Harder & Steenbeck’s Ultra 2024 airbrush.

Ultra 2024 – The Ideal Airbrushes For Beginners

The radical new ULTRA 2024 – the first airbrush engineered to teach the perfect double action trigger technique to first time painters, by design.

The ULTRA 2024 debuts three engineered innovations to painting successfully with the airbrush, straight out of the box.

1. Start Control trigger design – a full double action trigger system, but engineered to eliminate common beginner mistakes.

2. Colour Control – a five step system which gives the perfect trigger settings for Priming, Basing and Glazing, and the three stages of Highlighting.

3. Clog Control system – a headset which enables you to see the needle tip, clean the needle tip, but always keeping it protected from any damage.

A clean needle tip is the solution to airbrushing with no colour clogging. The ULTRA 2024 will seamlessly start your painting journey, and progress to competition level painting with Harder & Steenbeck’s modular system of upgrades.

Harder & Steenbeck’s modular system means that if you wish to upgrade your front end to a higher detail set-up later, even the famed FineLine head system from the Infinity airbrush can be used on your Ultra.

The airbrush comes with newly designed 0.45mm head set, which supercedes the detail capability of the previous 0.4mm headset whilst offering greater user friendliness, and painting versatility. And of course, in true Harder & Steenbeck spirit , the new system is fully backwardly compatible for those of you who already own one of their airbrushes.

You’ll enjoy the practicality of the supplied 5ml cup, but if you want to have uninterrupted line of sight for a high detail feature, simply remove the 5m cup and enjoy the integrated micro-cup socket within the airbrush body for small amounts of colour.


  • 0.45 mm Nozzle Set Fitted
  • Paint Plug-in 5ml Gravity Cup
  • Control Control System
  • Quick Release Coupling Tail
  • Presentation Case

An excellent choice for modeling and many other airbrush applications. Also comes with a Royal Max TC-80T mini piston compressor with 3 litre tank for a quantity no problem air supply.


  • Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2024 Gravity Feed Airbrush (0.45mm)
  • 1.8 metre Braided Hose Assembly
  • Quick Release Coupling Connections
  • TC-80T Mini Piston Compressor With 3 Litre Tank (220-240v with UK three pin plug)
  • Table Clamping Airbrush Stand
  • Pistol Grip Moisture Filter

European customers can connect to EU mains by purchasing the following UK to EURO plug adaptor

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Weight 6.6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 cm

Harder & Steenbeck, Sparmax

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