AB-186 Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush with 3 Cups

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AB-186 Gravity Feed Double Action Airbrush with 2cc, 5cc & 13cc Gravity Cups, 0.3mm Nozzle and Air Flow Control

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The AB-186 gravity fed airbrush comes with three interchangeable gravity fed cups making it an excellent choice for various airbrush applications. This airbrush also features an air regulator at the head of the airbrush to control the airflow. No more having to adjust the compressor. Turn the pressure down for delicate work, and up for less intricate areas. 

With a double-action trigger to precisely control the air /paint mix, this professional quality airbrush is particularly suitable for detail design work.

Applications include Model Painting, Body Art, Nail Art, Hobby and Craft, Fine Art, Photo Retouching, Illustrations, Textiles and T-shirt painting.

This is a double action type of air brush, where pressing the trigger turns on the air and pulling the trigger operates the needle/tip valve which controls how much paint is released. These can work down to very fine lines (1mm or less) when you have reached the required skill level. The largest spray pattern is approx 30mm dependant on distance from the surface to be sprayed.

Due to internal rubbers seal this airbrush is only suitable for use with water based acrylic airbrush paints


  • Dual-action
  • Gravity feed cup
  • Fluid flow regulating screw on handle end 
  • Fluid nozzle: 0.3mm
  • Working pressure: 15-40 psi
  • Capacity of cups: 2cc , 5cc or 13cc 

Supplied in plastic case complete with: 

  • Adjusting spanner
  • Three Interchangeable Gravity Cups (2cc, 5cc & 13cc)
  • Pipette
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