Ammo Atom Acrylic Colors – Beige Pink (20ml)

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  • Mig Jimenez Ammo Atom – Beige Pink (20ml)


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Mig Ammo – Atom Colors Beige Pink (20ml)

The ATOM range includes 180 references covering a very broad chromatic range, from primary, bright, and intense colours, to metallics and washable colours. It also includes a specially formulated thinner for the entire range.

In addition, the ATOM range also includes historically accurate colours for both aircraft and AFV camouflage schemes. Once dry, ATOM paints are extremely hard-wearing and can withstand the application of all kinds of modelling and weathering products, such as acrylics and enamels, as well as masking tapes and decals. ATOM paints can be applied on top of, or under, any type of paint, including acrylics, enamels, and lacquers. One of the unique features of ATOM paints is their ability to be applied directly onto plastic and other materials, providing excellent adhesion even over very smooth surfaces.

  • Touch dry in 10 mins
  • Fully cured in 24 hrs
  • Easy application by both brush and airbrush (30-50% reduction required)
  • Can be reduced with water but Cleaner & Thinner (ATOM-20500) or Cleaner & Thinner Retarder (ATOM-20501) is recommended
  • Self-levelling
  • Odourless
  • Water-based & non-toxic
  • Behaves like a lacquer paint
  • 20ml container
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Mig Jimenez

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EAN: 8432074200444
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